Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
                                                                                               ― Oscar Wilde

If I was asked 6 months ago if I would be sitting in a coffee shop in Greeley Colorado scouring job sites for a new career, and scanning craigslist for roommates, I'd say not a chance in hell. But that's where I am, without regrets or expectations that's where I am. My life was kind of like an old game of the legend of Zelda, I thought life was alright then I realized I've been wandering in the same damn field forever and not really getting anywhere. And much like I did when I was a kid, I kind of said eff this and shut the whole system off and threw in Super Mario Brothers. What I always loved about Super Mario Brothers is there is no going back! You have two options, stay where you are until time runs out and you die, or you keep moving forward. You spend most of your life going into the wrong castles or sliding down the wrong pipe, but you just keep moving forward and you eventually find Princess Peach. When I was younger I hated this about the game, sometimes you might miss a coin or forget a secret block or for God's sake miss a flower power up. (who doesn't love to where white and shoot fireballs out of your finger.) But no matter what mistakes you make you have to keep moving forward. Call it a product of an early 90's childhood, but looking back maybe Super Mario Brothers is a good life philosophy. "You have to keep moving forward". You will make mistakes, you will miss things, and leave things behind that you may think you need. But at the end of the day you either keep moving or you stay in the same place until time runs out on you. So here I am in a coffee shop in Greeley Co.... moving forward. Maybe this will be the castle where I find Princess Peach. this could mean I find the girl of my dreams or a new and exciting career, or God willing...both.

I try not to regret anything in my life and for the most point I don't. Now this doesn't mean I don't make stupid bone head mistakes, and choices I might want to take back, but as far as MAJOR life choices I haven't regretted anything.... yet. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and every life choice I have ever made has lead me to where I am and who I am today. I went to 3 high schools and 2 colleges, and this is my 3rd move since I started college. You learn a lot moving around and meeting new people, you always get a chance to reinvent yourself and start over, It's up to you to decide what you do with that opportunity.

My goal has always been to try to leave a positive impact in the places I've been, and the lives I come in contact with. This turns out to be an interesting goal because you cant ever truly know if you did. I mean yes you know to a small extend with close friends and tight groups, but truly making a difference in the community you cant really know until you are gone, and at that point you've moved on. This will continue to be what I try to do no matter how many wrong castles I enter (yep, brought this back to SMB). But no matter what I will continue to try to better myself and the situations I am in. As daunting as this task may be.

For all of you throw back Super Mario Brothers fans out there, and for those of you who have never lifted a controller in your life. I have changed my life path 8 times now. Can anyone guess on which level Mario actually saves the world and rescues his beloved Princess Peach? That's right on level 8! Maybe this is it for me. Maybe the location and the people being introduced or reintroduced into my life at this point will be my Princess. It would sure be nice, but either way, NO going backwards, No regrets, and No mulligans..... you move forward or you sit in the same place until time runs out. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.